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RetroClassic Clothing - T-Shirts with Unique Classic Volkswagen Graphics

Das Stuff Retroclassic Clothing Classic VW graphic T-shirt collectionRetroClassic™ Clothing is out of the UK and their mission is: "to provide top-quality t-shirts and garments featuring motor racing themed designs for motoring enthusiasts and collectors of all ages". They're not just designing t-shirts - each design is an emotive slice of history.

These guys live classic cars and and are motor racing enthusiasts. For more than 20 years, they've been in the classic motoring trade. In January 2012 they launched their first range of T-shirt designs inspired by speed, the sound of thunder and the distinctive smell of the Castrol R racing oil!

We here at Das Stuff of course love their classic VW Campervan designs best and thought it would be great to also bring in their super vintage of the beautiful Karmann Ghia.

The RetroClassic guys use real cars as models for their graphics and real people - some are models but some, like the skateboarder Matt Dutson, are real characters. We love all the little details they build into their designs - like the Bulldog Tattoos tattoo on the shoulder of the motorcycle chic or the company logo on the Timeless T (a company right here in Canada!!).