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About Us

Do you remember playing Punch Buggy No Returns with your siblings in the car way back when? My arm still hurts...and I'm stilll always on the look out for a VW Beetle. The new ones are great but the old ones - those vintage beauties - are the ones I love.

I was born at the end of the 60s so I missed out on those hazy crazy days of love and peace and...whatever! But I love the Volkswagen Beetle and “Bulli” (the German nickname for Volkswagen’s legendary campervan). Cars that have held our fascination over decades … crossing age, national and socioeconomic borders. An Idea that inspired passion in its legions of fans around the world. Throughout its history and in all of its ensuing variations over the years, the VW Beetle and Bus remain cult symbols of originality, evolution and independence.

So we've collected (and will continue to collect) cool stuff that celebrates this iconic brand. And we're excited to bring it to Canada so Canadian VW lovers and people who just love all the good vibes can buy this stuff in Canadian Dollars and without the extra fees we get charged when we bring things in from the States and Europe.

Das Stuff Blog - VIntage VW Lifestyle. Das Stuff owner Tamara Roehr in her 1972 Beetle ConvertibleHere's me in my family's 1972 Beetle Convertible. I try to look cool when I drive it but the big huge grin on my face gives me away - I'm happily in love with the car and all it stands for!

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